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    Lauren Conrad and William Tell Are Married!

    By: Eric   •   Date: September 14, 2014   •   Filed Under: News   •   2 Replies

    The rest is still unwritten!

    Lauren Conrad married fiancé William Tell in California today, Conrad’s rep confirms to Us Weekly. The fashion designer, who found fame via MTV’s Laguna Beach and its spinoff, The Hills, had been engaged since October 2013. This is the first marriage for the bride, 28, and the groom, 34, who both hail from Orange County.

    The bridal party’s looks were from Conrad’s Paper Crown Bridesmaids collection. “I sent them all the different shapes and let them pick from two colors,” Conrad revealed to Martha Stewart Weddings. “I don’t mind if there are a few girls in the same dress, or if people are all in different ones. It’s too difficult to take a group of girls and put them in the same color and silhouette; everyone has their own style.”

    Conrad was introduced to Tell via mutual friends on Valentine’s Day in 2012. How did she know the ex-Something Corporate rocker was The One? “William hates it when I say this, but he really is a very nice guy, and when you meet a nice guy who also manages to keep your interest, that is the dream,” she told Cosmopolitan. “If you’re going to settle down, it should be with someone you can’t stop thinking about.”

    “He is very good for me because we have a lot in common as far as where we grew up. It’s the first time I’m with someone and I’m not explaining things,” Conrad once told Marie Claire. “He also has experience in the entertainment industry, so he understands a lot of things that people don’t always get.”

    After Tell proposed, Conrad continued to oversee her empire, which includes a Kohl’s bedding line and The Little Market, but wedding planning was never far from her mind. In fact, she often doled out advice via her lifestyle blog. “Never include mentions of registry on the wedding invitation,” Conrad advised. “It’s considered rude.” She later shared previews from her engagement photo shoot and dress fittings.

    Tell focused on law school, graduating from the University of Southern California in May. Conrad, who had recently upgraded from a $2.8 million home to an $8.5 million home, tweeted that she was “so proud.” That same month, she flew to Mexico with Lo Bosworth and other pals to fête her bachelorette party.

    The day before her wedding, Conrad hinted she would be walking down the aisle. “I’m pretty excited about the weekend ahead,” the ex-reality star blogged. “I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.”

    Indeed it was! Congratulations to the happy couple!

    Source – E! Online

    Lauren Graces The Cover Of Cosmopolitan Magazine

    By: Kierra   •   Date: November 29, 2013   •   Filed Under: Interviews, Photoshoots   •   1 Reply

    On her engagement to fiancé, musician and law student William Tell:
    “I had no idea it was coming. I thought he would wait until he finished law school.”

    On whether she had input on her engagement ring:
    “He didn’t even ask my friends, which was a bold move. He said, ‘I know you, and I know what you like.’ And I love it. It’s perfect.”

    Cosmo: You’re engaged! What would you say to readers who feel pressure to get that ring?
    LC: “You have the rest of your life to be married. Enjoy falling in love. When girls get caught up in the timeline, it becomes more about the wedding than the marriage. You should be with someone with whom you could elope this weekend and be happy.”

    Cosmo: What tells you it’s time to settle down with one guy?
    LC: “William hates it when I say this, but he really is a very nice guy, and when you meet a nice guy who also manages to keep your interest, that is the dream…If you’re going to settle down, it should be with someone you can’t stop thinking about. Especially if you’re in your 20s. If I were single in my 60s, I would totally settle. I would!”

    Cosmo: What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made with friends?
    LC: “Being on television all those years, I got to view my own behavior. One thing I realized is that I was too hard on my friends when it came to guys. Instinctually, I wanted to protect them. But then you come off as judge-y and people are reluctant to come to you with a problem. I had to cut “I told you so” from my vocabulary.”

    Cosmo: What is the best way to fall in love with your body?
    LC: “I’m so jealous of people who completely love their bodies. I think most women have trouble areas as well as areas that they like. So you play up your favorite parts and learn to dress around the others. I used to hate my legs, but now I always wear minis. It was an accident. In an effort to look taller, I started wearing really high heels with shorter skirts and ended up showing off my legs a lot.”

    For more of Lauren Conrad’s exclusive interview and fashion shoot with Cosmopolitan pick up the new issue on newsstands December 3rd.

    Source – Cosmopolitan

    – Studio Photoshoots > Photoshoots > Photoshoots from 2013 > Set 008

    Interview: Lauren Conrad Visits “Katie”

    By: Eric   •   Date: October 18, 2013   •   Filed Under: Interviews, Videos   •   Reply

    Lauren Conrad Shares Her Favorite Fall Beauty Tip on “Katie”

    By: Eric   •   Date: October 15, 2013   •   Filed Under: News, Videos   •   Reply

    When it comes to hot hair and makeup trends, Lauren Conrad is the queen bee in the beauty world.

    The newly-engaged star has grown her empire quite nicely in the fashion and beauty world thanks to her Paper Crown and Kohl’s collections, as well as her booming site, The Beauty Department, just to name a few of her successful ventures.

    And despite her busy schedule, the blond beauty stopped by the Katie show to share her favorite fall beauty look of the moment: white eyeliner.

    “It was on the runways, I keep seeing it everywhere. And there’s different ways to do it,” she explained of the retro-inspired look.

    Conrad broke the beauty trend down for viewers and gave helpful tips on how to achieve it, whether you’re in the mood for a more dramatic editorial option, or a simple highlight in the inner eye.


    Watch this cute clip to recreate the look at home.

    Source – E! Online

    Lauren Conrad’s Close Friends Knew Fiancé William Tell Was “The One”

    By: Eric   •   Date: October 15, 2013   •   Filed Under: News   •   Reply

    Lauren Conrad found true love.

    The former Hills star and her boyfriend, USC law student (and onetime rock guitarist) William Tell, are getting married, the fashion designer announced on her website Sunday, and Conrad’s inner circle knew all along that Tell was the guy for the blond beauty.

    “They are perfect together,” a Conrad source tells E! News. “Lauren loves that he is a normal nice guy who isn’t really in the industry. She has never been this head over heels for someone she has been with.”

    Source adds that everyone close to Lauren knew William was “The One” the moment they met him.

    “He loves her because she is sweet, beautiful and funny, to boot,” source said.

    Conrad tweeted earlier today, “Thank you guys for all the sweet messages! It means so much to me :-) Feel like the luckiest girl in the world!”

    The 27-year-old wrote about the news and revealed her gorgeous ring on her website, telling readers, “I am very excited to share with you guys that William and I got engaged over the weekend. I am beyond thrilled! Get ready for lots more wedding content here on LaurenConrad.com as we begin the planning process.”

    The couple has been dating for nearly two years. Set up by mutual pals on Valentine’s Day in 2012, the New York Times best-selling author fell head over heels for Tell, who, like Conrad, hailed from Orange County and was no stranger to show business, as he previously played guitar for pop punk band Something Corporate.

    Source – E! Online

    Lauren Conrad & William Tell Are Engaged — See the Engagement Ring!

    By: Eric   •   Date: October 13, 2013   •   Filed Under: News   •   1 Reply

    We’ve seen Lauren Conrad pull off many a stylish ensemble – and pretty soon, she’ll be all dressed in white: The former reality star is set to wed law student William Tell.

    “I am very excited to share with you guys that William and I got engaged over the weekend,” Conrad, 27, wrote Sunday on her blog, where she also shared a snapshot of her new accessory: a diamond stunner. “I am beyond thrilled!”

    Conrad’s friends are just as excited for her strut down the aisle.

    “Everyone is so happy for her. He’s such a great guy. They are perfect for each other!” a source tells PEOPLE.

    And fans should expect a behind-the-scenes look at the fashion designer’s big day. “Get ready for lots more wedding content [on my blog] as we begin the planning process,” she teased.

    The California girl began dating Tell in 2012, when she told Allure, “You don’t want a slob, but you don’t want a guy who is constantly borrowing your tweezers.

    Her sweet announcement comes on the heels of news her first serious boyfriend (and Laguna Beach love), Jason Wahler, married model Ashley Slack on Saturday.

    Source – People

    Lauren Conrad on Style, Closet Tips, And Her New Roomate (Hint: Her Boyfriend)

    By: Eric   •   Date: October 12, 2013   •   Filed Under: Interviews, News   •   2 Replies

    Ever since her days on “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills,” Lauren Conrad has been working to make her stamp on multiple industries. She’s had her own line of clothing and accessories at Kohl’s for several seasons now, she’s written and promoted both how-to and fiction books, and now she’s taking on fabric softeners.

    Conrad has partnered with Downy on a Pinterest sweepstakes inspired by a recent study which found that 80% of American women have fallen out of love with many of the pieces in their closet. The Pinterest sweepstakes enters users with each new re-pin from Downy’s #ClosetLoveAffair board. The grand prize: a renovated closet provided by California Closets, a gift card from Kohl’s to purchase pieces from LC’s collection, and a wardrobe consultation provided by Elle. Not too shabby.

    LC sat down with StyleCaster to talk closet revitalization, her favorites for fall, and her plans for her 2013 Halloween costume. (The latter might surprise you the most!)

    StyleCaster: Every woman has stuff her closet she no longer loves. What are some great tips for revitalizing your closet?
    Lauren Conrad: I think that everyone’s gone through this, where you just basically get into a style rut and you’re just kind of over everything in your closet. I recently moved [in with my boyfriend William Tell], so I had to move everything in my closet, and it was kind of like Christmas Day. I took a day to get rid of stuff and purge, and I just found pieces that had been sitting in my closet forever, things I got like 7 years ago. I was able to interject a little newness and bring back old pieces.

    So what’s the number one thing women can do to make it an easier project to work on?
    I went through my entire wardrobe, and anything I hadn’t worn in a year I set aside. Then I went through that pile. There are some things that are special occasion pieces, but anything that you’re ready to step away from, just donate it. The stuff that I was still a little iffy about, I put into suitcases and just stored them. If I don’t go into my suitcases over the next six months, I get rid of it.

    I have a weird connection with my clothes, so it’s hard! I was a little bit upset when I had to get rid of some things. But you just have to go through and decide what youre wearing, what you’re not, and what you’re missing.

    You just moved in with your boyfriend, congrats! How have you had to adjust your life to living with a guy?
    The place I moved into, we renovated the place—we’ve been working on it for over a year now. I kind of redid it all really. It was nice to start from scratch. I bought a place and basically gutted it, and my father’s an architect so we designed it together. It was really fun, but it was a little overwhelming to have so many choices.

    We know how much you love Halloween. What are you going to be this year?
    I’d love to know! I’m just like calling around. I’m going to be in Vegas celebrating my little brothers 21st birthday. I don’t want to embarrass him by going in full costume. I was thinking about wearing a little cocktail dress and then making big lace bunny ears and maybe a little bunny tail, and then I can quickly take them off if it’s not a costume party.

    What have some of your favorite costumes in the past been?
    Last year I did Mary Poppins, and I just ordered a little red bowtie. My girlfriend owns the umbrella with the parrot head. And I owned the hat. Once I was a ghoul, like a ghost, I just went and bought yards and yards of tulle. I made a dress out of it. I’m trying to figure out a different way to wear it this year because I liked it so much. Two years before I made a bluebird costume out of ostrich feather boas sewing them onto a little bodysuit. I basically just make costumes for children [then wear them].

    Any of Fall’s trends that you’re particularly in love with right now?
    This fall, I’m really loving all the lighter grays and whites. Things look really dark during the fall, and I love those lighter tones. As far as knits, I’m jumping for turtlenecks right now. I love sweaters so much.

    Who are your style icons?
    I’m terrible at this question, because I really don’t have any. I really just make it up as I go along.

    What’s your favorite look you’ve worn out and about lately?
    I wore a little leather pencil skirt the other day but with a cropped sweater, I think that’s a fun way to do in-between months because you’re cozy and still put-together.

    Source – Style Caster

    Lookbook: LC Lauren Conrad For Kohl’s Holiday 2013 Collection

    By: Eric   •   Date: October 09, 2013   •   Filed Under: Gallery, LC Lauren Conrad Collection, News, Photoshoots   •   Reply

    It may only be October, but Lauren Conrad and her Kohl’s line are ready for the holidays! And after peeping these pics, so are we. Presents, pie, parties = all we need in life. There are a lot of looks here we’d wear (hi, all of them), so many a party invitation needs to be sent our way (or else we’ll have a lot of clothes and nowhere to go). Two of our fave looks from the collection are the ones above: totally different but both party perfect. The first pairs a lace tank (it comes in 4 colors!) with jeggings and a black-and-navy colorblock blazer. For a more feminine alternative, Lauren wears a rose tulle maxi skirt with a white top and blazer. Props to LC for including blazers in a number of her looks—since it is, y’know, winter during the holidays, having a jacket as an integral part of your outfit is the BEST. Practical and pretty? Yep, we’ll take it.

    The collection features a lot of party-ready looks like the ones above, but it also includes a ton of cozy sweaters (7, to be exact). There are a few that include lace trim, like the one above on the left, which makes any outfit instantly a tiny bit ~fancy~. If these looks are all a little too frilly for you, fret not! The collection also includes patterned sweaters in a slew of wintery colors, including white, blue, gray, and black. Not included in the collection: Lauren’s perfectly undone, wavy hair. Fingers crossed it’s included in Spring 2014’s collection. PLEASE, LAUREN, PLEASE.

    Don’t think Lauren left ya hanging without any dresses! As with the blazers, there are light and dark options. The black dress pictured above is a perfect holiday LBD. Well, actually, it also comes in gray, green, and navy, so it’s also a perfect holiday LGD(x2) and LND. Between its color options and cut, the dress is appropriate for any holiday event you may come across/get invited to. The second dress is a a metallic lace dress, so, HULLO, future New Year’s Eve dress! Everyone always goes full-out sparkles for NYE, so a subtle metallic shimmer will be a contrast to all the sequins that’ll be flying around.

    To sneak a peek at the rest of Lauren’s Holiday 2013 collection, head over to Kohls! Some of the pieces from this collection are already available, but most will be released in November, which means you have plenty of time to think about what you really need want.

    Gallery Link
    Studio Photoshoots > Photoshoots > Photoshoots from 2013 > Set 007

    Interview: Lauren Conrad Talks Beauty, Pinterest, & the Kardashians

    By: Eric   •   Date: September 19, 2013   •   Filed Under: Interviews, News   •   Reply

    I sat down with the Lauren Conrad to talk all things beauty, Pinterest, the Kardashians, and more. The only thing she wouldn’t reveal? Her favorite Instagram filter.

    Cosmo: I know you just moved into a new place, did you edit down your closet beforehand?

    Lauren Conrad: Yeah, I got rid of some stuff, but the one thing I really wanted was for my new closet to smell fresh. So, I washed all of my basics in a combination of the Downy Unstoppables Glow and the Infusions Cashmere Glow. I really like the smell of the Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Booster beads, so I’m also going to put them in a little pouch and hang them in my closet and put them in my sock drawer.

    Cosmo: We have this series called Sexy vs. Skanky. In your opinion, what is the difference between sexy and skanky?

    LC: I think sexy leaves a little to the imagination and skanky doesn’t.

    Cosmo: Are you aware that your single tear mascara GIF is one of the most popular GIFs EVER?

    LC: I didn’t know it was popular, but I know it exists. You know that they slowed it down in the show right?

    Cosmo: WHAT? NO THEY DIDN’T.

    LC: Yeah, I asked my producer and he told me they put it in slow motion to give it a more dramatic effect. That day it was filmed I was really sad — and I wasn’t wearing waterproof mascara. Whoops.

    Cosmo: Speaking of relationships, yours have been exploited on TV for years. Has anyone ever felt so inclined to give you good or bad relationship advice?

    LC: There’s a lot of bad advice I’ve gotten. A lot of people became really invested in my relationships who didn’t know what they didn’t see on camera. And those people would encourage me to get back together with certain people that weren’t great. They’d say, “You guys need to get back together!” And I would say, “Oh, no, we really don’t—it was all bad.”

    Cosmo: As a reality all-star, are you team Kardashian?

    LC: I think they’re pretty entertaining. I don’t watch them that often because I don’t watch a lot of reality television, but I think they’re funny, they’re nice girls, and they’re working hard.

    Cosmo: But you’re not obsessed with the show then?

    LC: You know, I’m not, but that’s because being on reality television will ruin reality TV for you. I did it for so long that I sympathize with them when something is going wrong. Because in those moments you’re frustrated and you have to wait to get mic’d. I’m so removed from it now though, so when I see it I don’t enjoy watching it, really.

    Cosmo: Okay, so we’re obsessed with your Instagram and everyone at the office is dying to know what filter you use?

    LC: I can’t tell you (laughs), I won’t tell anybody!

    Cosmo: Wait, why?!

    LC: Because people keep asking me and I’m like, this is mine! I will tell you that I use several different apps before it goes into Instagram.

    Cosmo: Do you photograph everything on your Instagram yourself?

    LC: I usually take all of the pictures with the exception that every once in a while I’ll post a photo that someone else took on their camera. But I always give them a photo credit. For example, the picture I took about a month ago of me in the clown outfit (below), my hairstylist Kristen Ess took.

    Cosmo: Moving onto Pinterest. Do you handle your own or do you have someone help you with it?

    LC: I have my LaurenConrad.com girls help me with it, but I do it too. We all have similar taste, which is why it looks so uniform, so that really helps. And we have monthly meetings where we go through all of the posts that we’re going to go on the site, so we’re all on the same page.

    Cosmo: Who’s doing your brows these days?! They’re amazing!

    LC: Nobody! I was so embarrassed about them this morning — I even said to myself, “These things are getting crazy!” I have giant eyebrows and if I didn’t touch them there would only be one! (Laughs.) But when I do them, I lightly tweeze them, and then I use clear brow gel just to keep them in place.

    Cosmo: Well, whatever you’re doing to them it’s working. They’re very Cara Delevingne-like.

    LC: (Laughs.) Well, thank you, because I definitely didn’t think they looked good this morning!

    Source – Cosmopolitan

    Lauren Conrad Gets ‘A Little Darker’ For Paper Crown’s Fall Collection

    By: Eric   •   Date: September 19, 2013   •   Filed Under: News, Paper Crown   •   Reply

    Lauren Conrad is a MACHINE. Like, she might actually be battery-powered. Or is at least fueled by vegetable oil (which would also explain how her hair is always SO SHINY). JK she’s a real human, duh. But considering that she juggled like, a billion different projects this summer alone, she’s kiiiiind of making the rest of us humans look like under-achievers. THX, LC. First, she rolled out her first-ever bedding collection. Next, she debuted her LC Lauren Conrad summer line for Kohl’s (adorbs), then she was like, “BTW, I’m also launching an artisanal e-commerce website that is, like, super charitable.” (True statement, though not an actual quote.) So now, after a VERY successful summer, you’d think the girl would want a break, right? Wellllll …

    WRONG! This fall, LC’s turned her focus back to her OTHER (*flips hair*) clothing line, Paper Crown, which is now available through the brand’s website. And lemme tell ya. It. Is. GOOD. In an interview with Us Weekly, Conrad confessed that this collection, which includes funky prints, tweed and a ton of texture, is “a little darker” than what her fashion fans might be used to (ruh roh, are you taking away our blush pink pastels, girl???)—but if that means a boatload of vegan leather accents (which it does), then I say EMBRACE THE DARK SIDE, GIRL. “I love leather,” Lauren admitted. “I’ll wear [my favorite leather skirt] with a bootie and a looser fitting top for a cooler look, but I’ve also worn it with a button-up blouse for a more polished look. I’ve worn it to business meetings and out to bars. And I’ve got a whole stack of leather pants in my closet!” Oh. NBD. A whole STACK of leather pants. #jealous I have a whole stack of Forever 21 bangles on my dresser, soooo… *brushes shoulders off*

    What are you feeling for fall? Will you be picking up some Paper Crown for your closet?

    Source – MTV